Atsuko Naono (University of Oxford) Panel abstract: Malaria has been one of the world’s most challenging health problems. Southeast Asia’s tropical climate predisposes the region to malaria and recent anti-malaria drug-resistant strains of Malaria reported from the Greater Mekong Sub-region have raised the importance of the region further. Historians have also identified Malaria as one of the major influences on the experience of wars in the region including WWII, Cold War, and the Vietnam War, and numerous civil wars. While the Malaria experience in these conflicts has been understood on a case by case basis, there has been no general examination of the relationship between war and Malaria across the region. This panel aims to analyze the various ways in which malaria has impacted wars in the region, including wartime anti-malarial operations, the vital strength of the military, and malaria drugs’ pharmaceutical interests, with a view toward developing a regional picture that will lend itself to comparative discussions with other regions.

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